maandag 31 december 2012


The amazing art from Ch’ng Kiah Kiean born in Penang, Malaysia.
Usually he make use of Chinese Ink and watercolor.
For the drawing he uses self-made sharpened sticks from trees and bamboo branches.

The advantages for this kind of drawing tools are that you get more creative lines, and that the outcome is not accurate, unless you draw a lot with these kind of tools, (like Ch’ng Kiah Kiean), then you get used to them! But the lines from the sharpened sticks are making your painting work!
You can make one your own, by sharpening a matchstick with a chisel point, so you can make finer lines, or broader. 

Ch’ng Kiah Kiean works a lot Plein Air, and is also a member of the famous group “Urban Sketchers”.
First there is a sketch in pencil, probably a soft 4B, then the ink is added, also diluted with water. Don’t take your best sable to do this, cause ink will damage your brushes.

He also makes his art in the famous Moleskine watercolor booklets
Here below the panorama–art from Ch’ng Kiah Kiean


Visit his site for more beautiful work.

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